WinZip 18 Pro Offers More Efficiency With Advanced Features

winzipWithout a doubt, WinZip is one of the most popular compression and extraction software tool used across the globe together with WinRar. Now its newest version, namely ‘WinZip 18 Pro’, continues to set new benchmarks in the services offered by this piece of software. Well, you may already know that WinZip 18 is the most stable version until date. However, in the latest ‘pro’ edition, you will get to see a lot of new advancements, features and add-ons that enhance the functionality compared to WinRar.

So, what are these new additions and how they facilitate you? Read on to know remarkable features of WinZip 18 pro version.

All-in-one File Management Utility

WinZip tool is no longer limited to zipping and unzipping the files. It has now become a comprehensive file management tool, which will help you share files without worrying much about the email attachment limitations. WinZip 18 Pro comes with increased productivity and helps you efficiently manage your files stored in cloud services. It provides you with a cloud supported backup services, and gives you the ability to convert your documents, watermark and resize the images.

You can now easily send those bulky attachments via email. For that, you will need to first upload your file to cloud and simply provide a download link into attachment. Besides, it also gives you unique platform to share your files to different social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

Along with zip and extract, WinZip 18 offers following features

  1. Higher compression rate compared to all previous versions
  2. ‘Zip and Share’ feature designed for social media sites
  3. Convert word documents to the PDF format
  4. Add text or watermarks to images
  5. High Encryption (AES)
  6. An automatic and scheduled backup, supports cloud as well

Some More Attractive Features

Efficient User Interface – User interface has been greatly improved. The two menus ‘Create’ and the ‘Share’ are combined together for better usability and efficiency. The panel also features an encryption tool. The files you add to this panel are attached and sent with your default email client. In our opinion this UI is far more advanced than the new WinRar free download, which was released not long ago.

Wider Cloud Support – Want to access files stored in cloud? The new WinZip 18 supports the six widely used cloud services – Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, CloudMe, SkyDrive and SugarSync. You can readily navigate through your online data, as all cloud services are available at a single, user-friendly window.

WinZip 18 Pro extends its main abilities like creating self-extracting and split archives. Both these options are accessible in the ‘Tools’ menu. Here, you will also find the options to add comments to your archives, and convert and encrypt documents like XLS, DOCX, DOC, XLSX, PPTX and PPT.

In this initial release, users will have around four add-ons at their disposal. The Express for Photo, Express for Explorer (Free), Express for SharePoint and Express for Outlook are the four add-ons that make your WinZip software more comprehensive and efficient. Overall, with its exceptional add-ons, the WinZip download is just an incredible release that you must use to boost your productivity.