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Microsoft Project Examples

I have some hesitancy to provide project example files as I think projects are unique enough that any example does not apply directly, but then I also believe that some concepts and functions are best shown by example. The sample files on this page illustrate how to use some of the key features in project to your advantage, and illustrate the different task types (fixed work, fixed duration, fixed units) so that you can use project effectively. I've written a bit more about

Why Microsoft Project Examples are not sufficient

on my project blog. I suggest reading it if you are looking for a specific project template for something like software development or deployment.

Please let me know if there is something you would like to see here.

-Jack Dahlgren

Project Examples:
Grouping and Conditional Formatting:

Grouping is one of the more under appreciated features of Project. Using Grouping you can re-arrange your schedule in many different ways at the click of your mouse. It is particularly useful when you want to view your project by phase or perhaps type of work or by team. This example shows how to achieve this. It also demonstrates conditional formatting through the use of flag fields.

Grouping and Conditional Formatting

Articles about Microsoft Project Examples:
All Example Articles

Discussion of why an example from one project is not always applicable and what you can do about it.

Project Examples Act I

Microsoft Project offers some built-in Project Template files (.mpt files). Here is a link to the pros and cons of these files:

Microsoft Project Templates

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