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mpThis site is here to provide information about how to get the most out of Microsoft Project. You will find sections on writing macros to automate Microsoft Project, a brief discussion on calculated fields and a section which documents the new features available in Project 2002.

Project Versions:

Project comes in many different versions. The information here is rather brief. To be honest, the difference between Project 2002 and 2003 (at least in the standard version) is so small that I hardly bother to upgrade.

If you are using Project Server, the differences are more meaningful. I would even classify Project Server 2003 as a just a big service pack for 2002 which fixes many of the problems and bugs which were in 2002. That and an upgrade to WSS.

VBA and Macros:

There are many things that people would like project to do which are not built in to the standard tool. Fortunately, there is a way to get project to do almost anything that you want. This is through the use of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) which is Project’s built-in programming language. It is common with the other Microsoft Office Tools such as Excel and Word so that you can interoperate with those tools to extend the capabilities of Project. I have a number of examples of this available to get you started with it.

Other Macro Information:

Example with Excel – A free Monte Carlo Simulation macro which illustrates how Project and Excel can work together.

Macros or Calculated Fields – Project 2000 introduced calculated fields. What they allow you to do is use any of the custom fields (Text, Number, Date, Cost, Flag …) and use a formula to calculate what is displayed in that field. They are often a good replacement for a macro. This page describes when you would prefer one over the other.

Calculated Field FAQ – There are some common problems people have with Calculated fields. T his FAQ answers some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Scheduling with Excel:

This part of the site is mostly concerned with Microsoft Project, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it. Often I find that other tools such as Powerpoint or even Excel are more suited to a particular situation. If you fall in this category I’ve put together a sample file which shows how you can use things like conditional formatting and formulas to use Excel as a scheduling tool.

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.6 is Out: EZ Activator and More

Download and install Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.6 Windows and also Office Activator. This is the best activator for all variations of Windows. Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.4 is a Windows activator along with Microsoft Office activator also. It is just one of the best software application that is meant to activate Microsoft items. It is the only activator for Windows and also Office which is virus free, period.

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 is the Office toolkit for any Windows computer that is cost-free as well as it is a set of tools. The Final Activator is a full collection of different features. Download and install complimentary MS Toolkit Final from their website that enables you to turn on all items of Microsoft consisting of Windows 10 as well as Office 2016. It is really a tool used by the experts and users of Windows to trigger any type of Microsoft’s OS, launch and keep using it. Even with exactly how or when or in which signifies, you have mounted your PC system. Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.6 for Windows 10 and Office 2016 Activation Free Download from links given on the official website.

What is EZ Activator

microsofttoolkitMicrosoft Toolkit 2.6 was called EZ Activator by its author and it is additionally referred to as Office 2010 Toolkit. It does not require web connection to complete activation. Office Toolkit 2016 and EZ Activator 2.2.3 are for multi activating Office 2016. I recommend you to use this version, my own tested for Office 2013 – Toolkit 2.5.6 EZ Activator. MS Activator: a tool that helps you to set off Microsoft Windows & Office. I have tried and tested these applications with the latest Windows 10 and I can tell you that it works. Doesn’t matter which version you have, let it be either Home or Professional, everything runs smoothly with the help of this tool.

Practically every other net user uses Microsoft operating system in case one doesn’t adapt Apple’s Mac. There are also Linux users but still Windows is the most popular OS so far. Microsoft Office is here to do different office work; if you want to make chart sheet, produce word documents as well as making sweet presentations in PowerPoint. The Toolkit primarily includes two activators: one is EZ Activator and the other Auto KMS.

Success Rate

Most people like the EZ Activator cause its success rate is better. You still need the product ID to activate it, but with the help of EZ Activator it’s much more simpler. If you think Auto KMS works better for your PC system then feel free to try that. Whatever method works better on a particular PC system, the MS Toolkit is a precious piece of software that runs on all modern versions of Windows.

Latest iPhone Unlock for Fresh iOS 10 Software

iphone7-unlockNow after the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have been announced, people are already looking for ways how to unlock iPhone 7. Though the new device comes with a fresh iOS program update, the unlocking services are already well prepared. The official factory unlock, so called IMEI unlock works perfectly even with the latest version of Apple iPhone. The secret lies in the IMEI unlocking technique which means the phone will be whitelisted online.

You first have the iPhone 7 running on iOS 10 software, but we anticipate to see some Apple iPhone 7 and also iPhone 7 Plus certain attributes. When you are “new” to Apple iPhone unlocking, a quick search shows that there are lots of ways for iPhone 7 service provider unlock, yet check out the next lines very carefully because there is just one means to unlock iPhone 7 (the official IMEI unlock technique)! Both these tools are perfect to open iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 as well as whatever iPhone version or iOS firmware. It can be used with alomst all mobile providers and operating systems, however the important trait is that you’ve a jailbroken iPhone as well as you’ve an active SIM. If not, this technique will not provide the results. We are excited to tell that much like the Apple iPhone 6S unlock and also iPhone 7 unlock, unless the developer finds something drastically bizarre with the method they always lock iPhones, after that indeed, and iPhone 7 Plus unlock can be offered.

The New Apple Phone is Now Out

The launch date of iPhone 7 with details, specs and also new attributes are looked at in this message together with the iPhone 7 cost in U.S.A as unlocked. Well you know about the very best approach and ways to unlock iPhone 7 completely free. You could either buy the iPhone 7 or Plus. And also at full retail – still $649 and also for the iPhone 7 pay month-to-month installations. Regrettably, unlock for iPhone 7 isn’t really a completely incorporating fine-tune for those who desire the complete iPhone 7 funcionality. Did you jailbreak your Apple phone, iPad or iPod, then try iOS 9 or any type of iOS 8. Dealing with all iOS 7, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iOS 8, iOS 9, iPhone 6S and also iOS 10 constantly upgrade to the latest iOS.

Unlocking iPhone 7 and iOS 10

There are going to be those who are most likely to protect their baseband and also mount iOS 10 on iPhone 7. Nevertheless, it is necessary to note that iOS 10 IMEI unlock will certainly be launched just after the launch of iOS 10 jailbreak, so it is advised that iPhone 6S customers stay away from the upgrade up until an untethered jailbreak is released. This indicates that those who have upgraded to the most up to date iOS are going to look for remedy to unlock iPhone 6S. The best time to offer your old iPhone or iPad is when Apple presents new designs, like it performed with the iPhone 7 and also 7 Plus.

The unlock for iPhone 7 is something Apple proprietors are having problems with when they neglected their iCloud unlock info and also have got iCloud secured. Fantastic information concerning how to open iPhone 7 totally free. You will uncover a lot of methods to open iOS 10 on any iPhone. This is likewise a a short tutorial on ways to unlock iPhone system application from carrier. We expect the iPhone 7 to arrive with iOS 10 setup.

How to Finish the iPhone Unlock Procedure in iTunes

itunes_appleAfter making use of manufacturing facility unlocking solution you will certainly need to finish iPhone unlock procedure in iTunes to sign up in Apple data source currently uncovered gadget. Your iPhone will certainly be put in the white checklist of iTunes data source as being Unlocked.

Because of this your phone will certainly be open for any type of GSM SIM card worldwide. The very same is with iOS updates. After you have found out how to unlock iPhone 6S plus and done everything necessary, you need to finish the unlock in iTunes. Be sure to connect your iPhone to PC or Mac before opening up the iTunes program. Update or sync, or bring back iPhone in iTunes as well as remain opened permanently.

Below you will certainly discover how you can finish sim unlock iPhone in iTunes after manufacturing facility unlocking. When you determine to buy IMEI sim iPhone unlock making use of main solution you will certainly constantly have to finish it on your own with iTunes The procedure is uncomplicated yet there are couple of suggestions as well as techniques which might be appropriate remedy for some iDevices.

With iPhone Unlocking you do not get a code like various other smart phones. What really occurs is they unlock your phone (IMEI Phone Unlock) in the Apple Database for you. As soon as this has actually been finished, you will certainly be alerted by e-mail that the procedure has actually finished. When you obtain this e-mail, please do the adhering to listed below to finish the unlock.

1. Set up the most up to date variation of iTunes.

2. See to it iPhone 6S is utilizing the most recent variation, upgraded by the main itunes software program

3. Put a non allowed SIM card as well as Connect the iPhone to iTunes (IE not from the initial
network company).

4. Wait up until iTunes spots the phone.

5. After concerning 10-20 secs, separate phone as well as reconnect.

6. Lastly itunes will certainly reveal the message ‘Congratulations Your iPhone is Unlocked’.

Here is also a video to get a better understanding on how to unlock iPhone 6S plus:

For Apple’s iPhone 6S, as compared to Android, there’s a various procedure. Unlocking business just access a data source as well as transform the standing of your phone from “secured” to “opened”. The procedure is a little bit costlier compared to for Android, however it likewise has a greater success price.

If you have crucial info in your iPhone, make certain you make a back up of all the information in your iPhone. You could do this by linking your iPhone to iTunes and also pick “Back up currently”. This will certainly conserve a duplicate of all your get in touches with, pictures, and so on in your computer system.

Jailbroken tools might lose on a jailbreak relying on their gadget as well as firmware variation. You could need to re-jailbreak your iPhone after the recover. Typically unlock firms do not provide Jailbreak assistance.

If you utilize such unlocking remedies as Gevey SIM, R-Sim (as well as various other SIM techniques) or SAM unlock you will certainly should trigger your iPhone with initial SIM card initially and also just after that get unlock below. That these remedies spoof your iPhone IMEI as well as you require insert initial SIM card right into iPhone and also attach it to iTunes, since just after that your gadget will certainly be acknowledged as well as gone back to Apple data source.

After you acquire manufacturing facility IMEI sim unlock iPhone at that website await the last e-mail with more directions. These standards will certainly assist you to finish unlocking procedure in iTunes. Yet often there are small issues, so allow suffer through them.

The Pirate Bay Is Still In Trouble With Domain Names

tpb-hydraToday the Pirate bay shed usage of numerous of its ‘hydra’ domain that countless individuals have actually ended up being familiar with over the previous year. The excellent paradox right here is that the website is currently back to implementing its initial domain names which have actually functioned completely the whole time. As a matter of fact, it was just concern of shedding these domain names that triggered the jumping to begin with.

While a lot of the websites boosting to fill up the void left by the Pirate bay resembled the actual bargain, numerous were just insufficient duplicates. To their credit history, the drivers of a few of these websites were ahead of time concerning their standing however others did every little thing they can to assert their area as the actual Pirate bay reincarnated.

Obviously, when the genuine Pirate bay returned at the end of January 2015, a number of these various other websites asked their area in the marketplace. Were they required any longer? Were they also desired? As time continued numerous just liquified yet others transported either as a duplicate, proxy or mirror.

While this type of habits had actually recently been urged by the drivers of the Pirate bay, it wound up creating massive complication amongst laid-back customers that had no suggestion which domain names to count on. As formerly highlighted, it supported an expanding branding situation amongst ‘pirate’ websites.

Nevertheless, after going back to its complete delight in February 2015, the Pirate bay placed belief in its relied on Swedish domain name and also enjoyed its customers do the exact same thing. Yet by Might the website remained in difficulty once again when the Stockholm Area Court bought that domain name to be taken possession of, pending an allure.

While it’s feasible that the problems with these domain names could be fixed eventually in the future, the Pirate bay should do something promptly to maintain the program when driving. Therefore the website is currently generally utilizing its old original domain names. The paradox right here is that these have actually functioned the whole time as well as it was just the worry of shedding them that cued all the domain name jumping to begin with.

In general it’s been an unstable time for the Pirate bay and also there’s tiny bit of to recommend that 2016 will certainly be any type of much easier. While organizing has actually been remarkably secure in current times at a bare minimum one ought to anticipate even more domain name concerns. However, as records have revealed us, various other shocks could possibly be merely nearby.